If you like reading about alpha billionaires, sassy females and sexy times in clubs read on...


If gorgeous heroes, instalove and sexy times are your thing, read on...


If cocky men, virgins and angst are your thing read on...

Beg Me

This is a super sexy, steamy romance that will make your cheeks burn and your panties melt! Guaranteed HEA.

His Dirty Virgin

Then there's Taylor. Sweet and pure. He's going to get her all dirty. She's his now, and he's never going to let her go.

His Virgin Nanny

Maybe it’s crazy. Maybe it’s wrong. But don’t care. I need him.

The Teacher and the Virgin

An older man, a younger woman, an irresistible attraction.

Lip Service

Carter: She's mine. I want her. I need her and I'm tired of waiting. Emma: He's all I think about but I can't wait for him any longer. Tonight's the night. I'm punching my V-card.

Rock Me

Ten years ago, I let her go. She loved me when I was nothing. I have platinum albums, money, fame. I have everything I want…everything but her.


He's sworn off women... until he meets her.

Baby Daddy

She thinks I’m too young. She’s wrong. I can give her what she wants. A baby. It will be my pleasure. And hers. But only if she’ll give me the one thing I need…HER.